Acupuncture & Preparing to Conceive

Congratulations from Fertility Acupuncture Cork on your decision to have a baby, and also on your decision to prepare yourself for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Chinese Medicine always believed for over 2000 years that the health of both parents prior to conception had an influence on their baby and it’s future development throughout life. It’s good to see that science is catching up!

There is so much evidence now to tell us that the health and nutritional status of both parents has an impact not only on the health of your baby, but also on the health of the adult that baby will grow into.

Diet and Digestion:
You will be relieved to hear that Doctors of Chinese medicine encourage a middle road and rational approach to diet, whereby eating a wide variety of fresh and tasty foods is advised, preferably in good company! Enjoyment of food is considered an important aid to digestion. Good absorption of nutrients is critical, so ensuring digestion is optimal is part of any pre-conception plan.

Ideal Weight:
Being overweight or underweight can affect your fertility. We use acupuncture to help either of these situations.

Stress levels:
Stress is hard to avoid, especially in the modern workplace and busy lifestyle. However, because stress has such a negative effect on your fertility, it is essential that strategies are put in place to reduce or manage it. Many of our patients come for acupuncture for its incredible ability to reduce stress and anxiety.

Enough sleep:
It sounds simple, but is not always easy to achieve … however getting enough sleep is vital to maintaining good hormone levels and myriad other important aspects of health.