Acupuncture and IVF

IVF doctors commonly recommend acupuncture to increase the chances of an IVF cycle succeeding, and recent studies have demonstrated a higher percentage of successful pregnancies when acupuncture is used in conjunction with any ART procedure.

During the course of your IVF cycle we use acupuncture to assist the IVF process. This involves:

  • Promoting follicle development in the early part of the cycle
  • Promoting follicle maturation for egg collection towards the middle of the cycle
  • Helping the ovaries recover from egg collection
  • Preparing the uterus for embryo transfer
  • Supporting the uterus after implantation

We also assist with stress, anxiety and fatigue caused by the interruption to your usual lifestyle and the emotional and physical demands of the IVF process.

Recent clinical studies show that combining acupuncture with IVF can:

  • Optimize your chances of implantation and full term births.
  • Reduce stress levels and help you relax before and during IVF.
  • Reduce the symptoms associated with Assisted Cycle treatments

Our acupuncture and IVF treatment plans range from:

Our experience has shown that the right physical, nutritional, and emotional support before and during the treatment can help to remove the stresses and strains and enhance your overall well-being. We will help keep you positive and in the right mind-set. When you come in for your initial consultation we will establish what course of acupuncture is best for you and your situation during your IVF treatment.