NECK PAIN relief cork acupuncture

Relief from Neck Pain

Acupuncture & Physical Therapy for Neck Pain Relief

Acupuncture & Physical Therapy are extremely effective for treating neck pain, stiffness or any other musculo-skeletal problem. At Cork Acupuncture we often use other therapies such as Physical Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Sports Massage, acupressure or electro-acupuncture and Cupping when necessary.

Acupuncture can be very useful when manipulation of the neck is undesirable and can provide safe, effective and gentle treatment of the neck, often reducing pain and increasingly mobility within seconds of treatment and long term relief with just a few regular sessions.

Neck Pain

Together with it’s associated problems of back and shoulder pain, headaches, migraines or dizziness is a very common condition seen in the clinic. Whether caused by stress, poor posture, injury, arthritis, general wear and tear or some unknown cause, this can be a distressing complaint causing both pain and restriction of movement.

Diagnosis of neck pain is made by the location and nature of the pain, assessing the aggravating and relieving factors and trying to get to the underlying cause.

Stiff Neck Pain Relief Cork Acupuncture

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