The Male Factor

The world of infertility has long been dominated by focusing on the woman, but men have a significant role in the ability of a couple to conceive. Sperm counts and sperm quality have decreased by more than 40% in the past half century due to sperm’s sensitivity to heat, environmental toxins, diet and stress. Approximately 40-60% of all fertility problems are related to male factor issues.

Benefits of acupuncture for male fertility

Recent studies have shown acupuncture to have the following benefits for male fertility:

– Increases sperm motility levels

– Increases the number and percentage of healthy sperm

– Beneficial changes to sperm structure and quality

Common causes of male infertility:

The most common culprit will be a sperm disorder, such as low sperm count, slow sperm motility, or a deficiency in forward progression (the sperm’s quality of movement). And any of these problems could be caused by a variety of factors. Here are some of the main ones to keep in mind though:

AGE – his sperm count may not decrease but it starts to lose motility around age 40.

IMMUNE PROBLEMS – this can also impact on motility and the sperm’s ability to implant itself in your egg.

WEIGHT ISSUES – if he is underweight or overweight, this may be taking a toll on his sperm function.

STDs – untreated STDs could impact on sperm transportation, however, this can be significantly improved if he seeks treatment.